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Addressing human elements in design and operation

Humans in Systems

Manpower costs represent the greatest expenditure in most mission critical industries. An additional key challenge for procurers and designers of complex systems is optimising the human-in-the-loop to achieve maximum sustainable operational capability. Consequently, for every design and at every stage within the acquisition lifecycle, there is a need to ensure that human issues are clearly captured, adequately defined and effectively addressed.

In capitalising on our knowledge and experience, HuSys provides you with rapid access to specialist expertise enabling you to overcome the most difficult design challenges, deliver complex developmental programmes and prepare competitive business-critical bids.

New build preparation, planning, review, analysis and design assurance


Control rooms, communications and signalling,  work space design, task analysis, manning, driver interfaces


Land, Air, Maritime and Joint systems definition, design, manning, training, usability, standards compliance

Defence and Security