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Who are we?

HuSys is an independent SME and provider of human factors, training, system engineering and related services to the Defence, Transport, Security and Nuclear industries. Our strength lies in an ability to bring together people, process and technology in order to achieve enhanced operational performance.

Our philosophy

HuSys has embraced human factors integration and its skilled practitioners have employed this approach on many dozens of complex capability acquisition programmes over more than two decades. This experience is now offered to your organisation.

HuSys can help in identifying potential system shortfalls and can assist in establishing a robust process to assure that all necessary steps are taken to integrate human factors issues into a system design as it matures.

We aim to provide an agile, client focused and affordable service with true independence, integrating best practice from trusted practitioners within your own product, programme or bid teams.

Here to help

HuSys is here to help you maximise the full potential of your system by designing around your system’s most critical component - the user.