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Sylvia Horner

Sylvia has been at the forefront of Human Factors Integration for many years. She has served on the National Advisory Committee (now known as the National Technical Committee), is an independent member of the Defence Scientific Advisory Council and a member of the Council of the Engineering Academy at Leeds University.

She is currently the Industry lead for Human Factors on behalf of the UKCeB (the UK Council for Electronic Business) and joint Chairman of their associated Human Factors Integration in Equipment Acquisition & Support Committee.

Sylvia has been involved in supporting research studies over many years through her work with MoD, Niteworks and the Synthetic Environment Tower of Excellence. This has covered a broad range of research issues including, data fusion, manning, tri-service training, preparedness, selection methods, unmanned vehicles, symbology, levels of automation, culture and live versus synthetic training.

Over the years, she has had extensive experience of applying human factors to a large number of different systems in land, sea, air and joint systems for products, system and PFI contracts. She has worked on large platform programmes which have required end-to-end human factors and notably this has included the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier, WATCHKEEPER, FIST and FRES.